Where there is no vision, the people perish (Prov 27:1 KJVD).

What was true then is true now. Vision, something compelling that we keep sight of that draws us forward, is an essential component for every successful and healthy company.

Some of the biggest challenges related to strategy involve

  • identifying the fundamental purpose of the company, (whether we call this ‘our purpose’, our ‘why’, our ‘reason for being’)
  • describing the vision we long for (whether we call this our ‘passion’, our ‘dream’, our ‘future-state’)
  • formulating the strategy in a coherent way that motivates and guides behaviour (spelling out tactics, techniques, key success factors, goals and objectives, milestones)
  • tracking the implementation of the strategy (converting the dream into reality)
  • measuring our success (and knowing what exactly led to the success)

I have helped many people to formulate, implement and audit their strategies.

Whether you require help

  • understanding strategy
  • formulating strategy
  • implementing strategy
  • measuring the effectiveness of your strategy (and/or strategy process)

please don’t hesitate to contact me.