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Roger Hitchcock

I am passionate about THINKING – and helping people to THINK about things around them! Not that I have always got it right myself.

I believe that we have been made to engage the world around us actively, to embrace what life throws at us and see it’s impact on us – not just to go with the flow and accept whatever happens. Again, not that I have always got it right myself.

I do believe that everything happens for a purpose but (as expressed above) this purpose is not always realised, possibly very seldom realised, in the passive acceptance of the thing that happens. I also believe that the purpose behind everything is not our own purpose but the purpose of the one who made us and whom our lives are meant to reflect to a greater and greater degree.

I believe that everyone has something to offer, everyone is unique and everyone is valuable.

I have had the privilege of working for over 25 years across the full range of organisations from large corporate environments through to small growing family businesses in a range of different countries across Africa. As a specialist in Leadership, Strategy and Governance this has included exposure to, input in and insight into private companies, listed entities and the public sector as well as non-profit entities and non-governmental agencies. Much of the work I have done has been teaching and facilitating at the most senior levels in organisations (boards and senior management teams), I have very wide experience in working with diverse groups of people (which I love). 

What I love doing as I teach is to make things that seem complex and complicated understandable (I believe that organisations and business, while challenging, are not rocket-science). I aim to unpack clearly and practically concepts and ideas and bring my experience to play in facilitating robust solutions by making the intangible tangible, the invisible visible and to pull those things that sometimes only our minds can imagine or comprehend into the present, into the here and now. I am passionate about assisting organisation of all types and individuals find their clear strategic direction and purpose – and helping them to take steps in implementing this purpose in an effective way.

Please see more in What am I on about?


Over the past 25 to 30 years I have facilitated a range of events including (amongst other things) corporate strategy sessions, team dynamics and behaviour workshops, conflict resolution interventions and multi-day high impact events.


I prefer to refer to myself as a ‘corporate teacher’ rather than as a trainer. My aim in teaching is to not only structure and present content effectively but also to take people with me on an insightful journey of discovery.


As a catalyst I always aim to bring something fresh, new and challenging ‘to the table’. My goal is to ensure that each and every person engages with their own mind and imagination deeper than ever before and with the energy in the group to facilitate extraordinary results. Change is a natural result.

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