In today’s world, the need for real leadership is indisputable!

Leadership is more than just a title! Leadership is more than just a position!

There is a new logic to leadership that is about the formation of leaders and not just applying an old model or method. Leaders are formed through the practice of three categories of disciplines – these are;

  1. disciplines of the heart (care)
  2. disciplines of the head (skill)
  3. disciplines of the hands (diligence)

Finding, developing, growing and maturing leaders needs to be a priority in every organisation.

I provide a range of leadership development initiatives that focus on

  • leadership attributes
  • the characteristics of leaders
  • the skills required in leading others
  • ethical (value-based) leadership

These can be structured as training programmes across all levels of the company, run workshops to develop leadership potential and skills or provide focused mentoring (1-1 or group).