The failures we have seen, and unfortunately continue to see, in so many companies recently have been the result of as a failure to govern effectively.

Boards, who are tasked with the governance of companies, too often take a ‘tick-the-box’ approach to this part of their mandate or simply do not understand their ‘governance’ role.

I have worked with (hundreds of) boards and (thousands of) directors throughout, mainly, sub-Saharan Africa to

  • understand governance – especially at a ‘deep’ principle based level
  • position the role of the board, and their board in particular, in governing their organisation
  • identify how to practically apply the principles of governance, regardless of whether the context is a public company, a private company, a public sector entity, or any other legal structure or context
  • more effectively carry out their governance role

I am able to structure, based on your specific requirements, Board and Management training, facilitate workshops where we (you and I) figure out what your company actually needs in terms of governance, and how to properly implement it or consulting interventions where again we work together to move forward on your governance journey.