What am I on about…

Some initial foundation blocks:

I am passionate about THINKING – and helping people to THINK about things around them! Not that I have always got it right myself…

I believe that we have been made to engage the world around us actively, to embrace what life throws at us and see it’s impact on us – not just to go with the flow and accept whatever happens. Again, not that I have always got it right myself…

I do believe that everything happens for a purpose but (as expressed above) this purpose is not always realised, possibly very seldom realised, in the passive acceptance of the thing that happens. I also belive that the purpose behind everything is not our own purpose but the purpose of the one who made us and whom our lives are meant to reflect to a greater and greater degree.

I believe that everyone has something to offer, everyone is unique and everyone is valuable.

With some of this in mind what do I do:

  • I (try my best to) help people (individuals and groups) to THINK;
  • This THINKING should always result in ACTION – with the intermediate step being the making of DECISIONS;
  • Decision Making is something that happens every day – actively or passively, intentionally or by default (too often I have been guilty of allowing decisions to “be made” in a passive way – what I aim to do (by myself), together with those I live (my family) and work (my colleagues) with and for those I am paid to assist (as a Consultant/Advisor/Facilitator is bring a much greater level of intentionality to the decision making process;
  • I facilitate discussions and interventions (in groups and companies) around the topics of Corporate Strategy, Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Knowledge;
  • I present a range of Cutting Edge Seminars, aimed at addressing BUSINESS CRITICAL ISSUES that we all face (in the economic, social, intellectual, legislative and compliance environment we operate in);
  • I love to develop (by myself), together with those I live (my family) and work (my colleagues) with and for those I am paid to assist (as a Consultant/Advisor/Facilitator NEW IDEAS – some people are afraid of NEW IDEAS, I am afraid of the OLD IDEAS (read on an Amazon.com Coffee Mug);
  • I believe (in the words of Albert Einstein) that we cannot solve the problems we face at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them and that ‘imagination is more important than knowledge’ (Einstein also said that) – though both are important;
  • I also believe that some of the critical skills/actions in life and business (I have come to this belief mostly by making mistakes, hitting my own head, and through grace and mercy coming through) are – Starting Somewhere (but somehow keeping the end in mind), Robust and Ruthless Focus (refusing to be distracted from what we want to achieve), Hard Work, Experimentation and Innovation (but not at the expense of focus and diligence and FOLLOW THROUGH;

I also believe that God has given us families and friends – not just to enrich us and our lives, but more importantly for us to enrich and encourage their lives – it is truly in giving oneself away that one finds oneself…

An Aside…

I have used the word I believe a lot because I think (and believe) that the way we live is fashioned at the deepest level by our fundamental beliefs… if I am truly dissatisfied with the way I am, and the things I do I need to examine my beliefs – about the world and the way it came to be the way that it is, about myself and how I came to be where I am and the way that I am, about those around me and the value that they add to me… and at the deepest level I need to hold my beliefs up to the one who enables me to believe (and seek to live all that I am to reflect and demonstrate His glory.)

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