18 questions to start 2018 with.

New years are always an opportunity to reflect and dream – here are 18 questions for you and your team to prompt your reflections and your dreaming as you begin 2018.
Looking Back?
  1. What did we do exceptionally well at during 2017?
  2. What did we do really badly during 2017?
  3. What goal that we set ourselves did we achieve in 2017?
  4. What goal that we had set did we NOT achieve in 2017?
  5. What was the biggest thing we learned from the events of 2017?
  6. What is the biggest unanswered question we have coming out of 2017?
Looking In and Out?
  1. What in our environment is the most exciting thing happening right now?
  2. What is currently our greatest threat, out there, right now?
  3. What are we exceptionally strong at?
  4. Where are we the weakest?
  5. What do we appreciate most (most grateful for) right now?
  6. What is our deepest belief about what we currently contribute by doing what we do?
Looking Forward?
  1. What do we aim to do exceptionally well during 2018?
  2. What must we avoid like the plague during 2018?
  3. What is the most important thing we want to be able to celebrate in January 2019?
  4. Which capability in the team (or of the team) is the most needed to enable us to continue to move forward?
  5. What sentence do we want to be able to sum up the next 12 months with (when asked during the end of year break)?
  6. What one (most possibly crazy) thing would make the next year one beyond our wildest dreams?
I am entering 2018 with the thought – what a time to be alive!
If you would like some help in asking, and discovering your answers to, questions like these please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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