What REALLY makes a business successful!

What REALLY makes a business successful!

Uncovering the REAL secret to successful business

I am regularly reminded again to focus on the real source of success! These reminders are normally well-timed and a gentle nudge in the right direction.

The reminder came in the form of a book review – of all things.

The book review was for Return on Character – the real reason leaders and their companies win by Fred Kriel. Kriel shifts the argument away from the systems that run business to the people that run the systems – he deepens the thinking and challenges mindsets. He reminds us that people are the most important factor in business – as in most aspects of life.

Central to his argument is the difference between leaders is whether they focus on the things from the outside that impact them as an individual or they focus on how they can, from the inside, impact those things that lie outside. Character is an inside out thing, not an outside in thing!

We can also see this reflected more and more in the shift in focus, the spotlight that is now shining squarely on the people who lead business and not only on the systems of business.

While we believe that systems in business are essential, the systems are originated by people and govern the behaviour of people. Success is firstly behaviour, which is character based, and only secondly systems.

It is not only about ‘complying’ with the systems, it is also (and more importantly) about performance – which begins with people.

Where does your business stand?

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