Game Changer: what does it really mean?

We see this phrase a lot these day – Game Changer. What does it really mean and are we actually facing anything so radical?

“Game Changer” has 2 connotations. The first implies that within a specific game (you pick your sport) something happens that changes the direction of the game. The momentum of the game shifted significantly. Secondly, game changer implies that there is a change in the actual game being played – again pick you sports – the team was playing one type of game and something happened that disrupted it to the extent that the new game looked very different to the previous one.

The first type of game change implies that something happened “within the context” of the game, the second implies that something happened “to the context” within which the game was being played.

What type of game changing are we seeing today?

I would argue that in the world today, and in business more specifically, we are seeing more of the second type of game change that the first! The problem is that too many people think that the changes are merely “within the context” of the current game and not to actual game itself. They are trying to play a new game by the rules of the old one.

Successful people, and successful businesses, will identify the change to the game, learn the new rules and outplay the others.

What type of game change are you caught up in? What new skills do you need to learn? What do you need to unlearn?

Drop me a comment below – I would love to get your thoughts on this.

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