Just do(ing) it!!! – Behaviour and Governance

This is the second in a series of mini-blogs on how Governance affects various aspects of an organisation.

Culture determines behaviour – and culture is determined by governance (see They know, you know, we know – Culture and Governance). What we can and cannot say and what we can and cannot do (or do and do not do) are a function of the governance framework of an organisation since governance creates the structure an organisation operates out of.

Organisations are legal entities (companies, private and public, profit and non profit) yet have no life within them except for the life of the people who make and implement decisions on their behalf. An organisation does not act – the people within the organisation act. We recognise a company by the behaviour of its people and judgements are made about it, both from within and from without, by this same behaviour.

Behaviour is allowed or disallowed by the structure of the organisation – by both its tangible physical structure and also its intangible structure, its written and unwritten “rules”. What people do, what they are responsible for doing, what they are allowed to get away with and how they are required to give an account for what they do (or do not do) is dictated by the framework of “rules” – the governance of the organisation.

See Part 1: They know, you know, we know – culture and governance

See Part 3: WATCH OUT! (Who is looking?) – risk and governance

We want to address this together with organisations and are presenting a half-day Seminar entitled 2-Steps away from Danger aimed at senior executives and managers addressing the themes of Safe Work Practice and Good Governance.


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