They know, you know, we know – Culture and Governance

This is the first in a short series of mini blogs that relate the Governance of an organisation to various other aspects of the organisation – I would welcome comments and suggestions of other topics.

They know, you know, we know – Culture and Governance

Most “surprises” in business are not surprises at all. Someone knows what is going to happen – but nothing it said.

Culture in an organisation determines what is said and what, more importantly, is left unsaid. What is left unsaid is too often what leads to challenges, crisis and liability. After the fact someone somewhere is left whispering behind their hands (or shouting) “that was inevitable”, seldom can they say, “I told you so” since no-one said anything!

Governance, and how it is applied in an organisation, determines culture. Governance creates the structure an organisation operates out of. It sets the tone and delineates the way people in the organisation interact and act – both the written and unwritten rules make up this structure. These “rules” determine how issues are raised and how issues are responded to. In many organisations these “rules” prevent the free flow of information about challenges the organisation faces – these challenges change into crises and crises creates (potential) liability.

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We want to explore this together with organisations and are presenting a half-day Seminar entitled 2-Steps away from Danger aimed at senior executives and managers addressing the themes of Safe Work Practice and Good Governance.


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