SABC’s Governance Framework

Communications Minister Dina Pule more recently indicated that she had received a commitment from CEO Lulama Mokhobo that the SABC had “taken strides” in strengthening its governance framework. “In addition, the CEO has to ensure that the combined assurance structure is effective through the extensive implementation of risk management, compliance frameworks as well as ensuring that the internal control environment is sound.”
What is a governance framework and what will the significant strides taken in this regard by CEO Lulama Mokhobo translate into?

Upon examining governance frameworks, it must be said that governance itself should be an enduring element in the structure of an organisation, and not something that is exercised from time to time. A governance framework will ultimately serve to guide the actions of individuals by providing direction as to appropriate decision-making and behaviour. As a result, the framework should require less formal use, as people begin to beha
ve consistently with the standards set.

Governance frameworks further establish appropriate structures to enhance the capacity of government and public entities to achieve greater clarity in their relationship and in aligning expectations with performance. Good governance structures also establish appropriate processes to resolve any tensions which may emerge between the manner in which entities perform their legislated functions and carry out the policies of the Government of the day.

In organising for success all parties within the governance framework must have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, including their personal accountability. A robust governance framework should, through transparency and accountability mechanisms, link power and responsibility to performance and review providing assurance, not only to government, but also to the Parliament and the public, that those in the community affected by the activities of an entity are protected from the inappropriate exercise of power.

Governance solutions need to be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the quality and professionalism of the people available to be involved in the governance framework as well as other factors. An effective governance framework will ensure the entity is equipped to confront challenges and achieve goals. An organisation operating within a sound governance framework with appropriate power structures will be equipped to manage risk and deal with crisis.

The importance of a good governance framework is that it helps bodies to implement government policies, deliver services well, meet their organisational goals and achieve sustainable outcomes. King III further introduces the combined assurance model. In terms of this model, assurance should be done on three levels, i.e. management, internal assurance providers and external assurance providers. The audit committee should ensure that a combined assurance model is applied to provide a coordinated approach to all assurance activities.

In summary, the significant strides taken by the SABC in strengthening its governance framework should translate into the establishment of structures which will enable all parties within the framework to have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities and provide clarity with respect to aligning expectations with performance providing direction and laying the ground rules for the appropriate decision-making and behaviour.

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  • The challenge lies in application. No consequences for ignoring frameworks. Non-compliance is rewarded handsomely.

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