Thoughts (and questions) about Questions (and answers)

When we are answering a question, do we stop at the first answer we get/find/discover?
What if a better answer lies in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th… 100th answer that is out there?
How hard do we WORK at discovery?
How much/deep are we willing to DIG (mentally, emotionally, intellectually etc) to get a better answer/solution?
Are we willing to give ourselves time to explore “new ground” (academically, intellectually, socially, environmentally, innovatively, emotionally, psychologically etc) in the pursuit of better answers?
How easy is it for us to “unseat” the established answers we cling to in the pursuit of a better (the best) answer?
Once we have found an answer do we treasure it, explore it, expand it, allow it to grow – and most importantly share it and allow it to shape our lives and actions?
Do we build onto the answers we find, by (finding/formulating and) asking more questions?

… In your thinking about thinking, ask more questions about your questions, as well as questions about your answers, individually and in a group.

I would love to explore more questions together with you – I do my own exploring, formulating and (hopefully) answering of questions in the work that I do at Corporate Initiatives Inc

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