Marketing Minute 2: Looking for the right eskimo…selling him the right refrigerator!!

Planning your Marketing and Sales Effort.

You sit with an abundance of products and services to sell – you even have a number of prospects lined up. Your client base is waiting to be effectively mined. It looks like success just waiting to happen.

But, something is holding you back… with all these opportunities waiting for you to seize a little question keeps bothering you… where do I begin? This is the question I hope to address in this Marketing Minute.

The common cliche (and song) gives us the most obvious answer, “start at the very beginning, it’s a very god place to start”. Unfortunately it is wrong! Effective Marketing starts somewhere completely different… it starts at the very end. Every effective strategic planning process starts at the end and works backwards to meet you where you are. And what is Marketing and Sales Planning if it is not an immensely strategic process – without it there is no long term direction, no sustainable momentum and ultimately no success!

See Starting backwards – posted on 04 September 2009…

In my mind the following lays out some of the key questions that must be addressed during any Marketing and Sales Planning exercise. Selling anything is simply the process of pulling together a defined set of needs and the most appropriate solution. Needs must be clearly identified and defined, this necessitates a clear understanding of the client and their particular set of needs.

 It is much like trying to scale the face of a cliff – Key Questions to answer:

  1. Who am I speaking to? – understanding the lay of the land
  2. What reaction do I want them to have? – defining the end goal
  3. What context do they operate in? – looking for the right foothold
  4. What solutions do I have at my disposal? – examining my gear
  5. Where do I begin? – making the first move

 The linked (Marketing and Sales Planning Template) expands on these questions to help you more effectively Market and Sell the products and Services at your disposal by creating a Marketing and Sales Map. Should there be a demand I am more than willing to run Workshops on Marketing and Sales Planning.

 I hope these ideas help – please feel free to leave your comments.

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