Wheels within wheels: Why What and How

Wheels within Wheels

Wheels within Wheels

Designing a Business (or Life) that works!


Every business works according to it’s own unique set of cycles. Like a well designed and efficient machine with numerous cogs, chains and wheels that twist and turn at their own rates, so a business has cycles that turn on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

 Every design has a purpose, a why that drives the design process. The first question for a designer to answer is “Why do I need to do what I want to do?” Purpose drives everything else. A significant reason must be found. A significant reason is one that can mobilise the energy, focus and motivation  necessary to complete the task.

  • Secondly, any machine is designed around a given or set outcome that needs to be achieved. “What do I want my machine to do to accomplish the purpose identified above?” The designer sets out with this outcome in mind. No-one, in their right mind, simply goes about putting together various bits of machinery in the hope that whatever is created will do whatever it is hoped it will do. The outcome determines the design process.
  • The technical specifications of the machine are identified by answering the question, “How will I do this?” This narrows down the number of necessary pieces of machinery, the cogs, chains and wheels that are put in place.

 In the same way the place to start when designing a business is with a significant purpose or reason. Significant in it’s ability to unlock the energy, focus and motivation necessary to drive the design and ongoing running of the business. Every business must have a “WHY” to drive the WHAT and the HOW.

  •  The identifying of a reason will relate to some “ultimate things”. These cut to the core of our being – values, attitudes and beliefs. As has been said, “no-one, on their death bed, wishes they had spent more time at work!”
  • These ultimate things will drive the outcome that  a business must achieve. It is back from this outcome that we need to work in designing the business cycles of our business.
  • The daily, weekly, monthly and annual business cycles, the responsibilities of ourselves and our support team and the sustainability of our business will be built around and towards this outcome.

 Start to think about these 3 things:

  1. Purpose (why you are doing what you are doing – ultimate things)
  2. Outcomes (what you want to achieve through what you are doing)
  3. Cycles (how you accomplish these things on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis)

 Keep these things in the back of your mind. Write down any insights as they come to you. Begin to review these on a regular basis.

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