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Where are you going??

Where are you going??

Designing a Business (or Life) that WORKS!


 All of us have drawn maps at one time or another. Most of us have also run out of space when doing this. We start from where we are draw in a few of the closer streets with the appropriate arrows and directions – gradually we work ourselves into a corner and end up completing the last 75% of the map on 10% of the paper available.

What is the problem?

We are starting from where we are not from where we want to be.

 Next time try drawing a map backwards – start where you want to end up and work your way to where you are.

 Let’s look at life. How tragic to work our way through life and find ourselves “running out of available paper”! We could end up trying to live 75% of what we want to achieve in the last 10% of our lives!

What is the answer?

Start backwards!

 A cartographer (map-maker) uses a number of different instruments to observe the area to be mapped, measure it accurately and ensure that the final representation is true. Much time, effort, energy, blood, sweat and tears are spent during this process. Imagine the dedication of the early cartographers, hacking their way through uncharted territory, recording everything and finally producing a map – that others have faithfully used to follow.

 Even today when we travel on well signposted roads we take along a map or we use a GPS. This map or GPS  is our security – we continually check our progress according to it. It makes us feel safe. We are much more willing to explore new places and see the sights along the way if we have a map, something to go back to, to see where we’ve got to and to get back on track. A map liberates us to enjoy our travels because we do not have to continually worry about where we are.

 What about your life? Do you have a map? Are you starting from where you are and running the risk of “running out of paper”? Do you continually worry about how far you’ve got? Do you have something to measure yourself against? Have you started your map backwards – from where you want to ultimately be?

 Think about these things:

  1. Destination (where do you want to be)
  2. Journey (what milestones do you need to see to assess your progress)
  3. Exploration (what new things do you want to experience en-route)

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